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Guide SugarCRM fields data types

1. 'varchar' => 'single-line text box', that TextField HTML form single-line text input area.

2. 'int' => 'integer', ie Integer PHP integer data types, the data used to store an integer integer integer including positive integers, negative integers and zero. Integer constants decimal integer. If 2012,0, -123, and so are integer constants. Plastic does not include fractional, decimal floating point belongs. Largest integer support and platform-dependent, and earlier versions for PHP5 is generally ± 2 (31 th), PHP6 introduces a 64-bit integer values, means that PHP will support ± 2 (63 th) integer value within the range.

3. 'float' => 'single-precision floating-point (32)', that Float Float is the PHP scalar data types are supported in one, you can usually be interpreted as a decimal display type. C # language, there are two decimal types, namely 32 single-precision floating point (float) and 64-bit double-precision floating-point type (double). Which refers to the number of decimal places precision, scale, the more the higher the accuracy. Known by the name, float type type low precision than double by the median shows, float type smaller than the range of type double. small number of type float median 7, can be accurate to seven decimal places, which means that the range of 1.5e - 45 ~ 3.4e + 38. For a fraction of its default type is double type, if you need to specify a float, you need to append the decimal F or f suffix.

4. 'BOOL' => 'boolean', that Checkbox programming software Pascal, VB, C + +, PHP, etc. type. CheckBox control is what we normally call box, usually used an option on or off, select or choice. Boolean values ​​are only two: false (false) and true (true). And the number of false 0, true serial number is 1.

5. 'enum' => 'enum', ie DropDown drop-down list displayed, Sugar enum is implemented in that enumeration type. Enumeration type is sometimes called enumeration, enumeration type defines four basic data types that can be used to express the number of characters, true and false description.

6. 'multienum' => 'multiple choice', that MultiSelect operating a multi-selection list box. Returns or sets a value that indicates whether the FileListBox or ListBox control for multiple selections and how to check. At run time is read-only attribute. MultiSelect list box can be moved left and right sides of the item (interchangeable).

7.'Date' => 'date', i.e. Date Date field type, generally shown as YMD HI (ie: Year - Month - Day) form, but it can also be set according to the user the actual display of the date display format .

8. 'phone' => 'Phone', namely Phone Sugar defined in the Phone field of a particular form of display, phone number via PHP functions (Phone Number Function) validation logic foundation established. According to international telephone standard support + -, () number and a digital input.

9. 'Currency' => 'currency', thatCurrency Currency Type field to ISO 4217 standards established, ISO 4217 is an ISO currency code, based on the International Organization for Standardization country codes are published in the ISO 4217:2008 standard, for on behalf of currencies and funds. This standard specifies a three-letter alphabetic code and the equivalent three-digit code to represent the currency and money.Money for small units, it also shows how these units and their decimal currency relationship.

10. 'html' => 'HTML', i.e. HTML Hypertext Markup Language, the HTML (Hypertext Markup Language), is used to describe a document markup language page.

11.'radioenum' => 'single box', ie Radio Radio is considered here Html form elements. Html form (form) in Radio single box.

12.'relate' => 'relevant', that Relate Sugar relevant field type, this type of field can be directly related to the Sugar instance has allowed the associated module , by means of the key associated with the module identity field for display. Relate (related) only for developers and development process to specify a particular association module, for end-users in the operation of the program interface can only be associated with a particular module specified by the different ID data.

13. 'address' => 'address', namelyAddress Address field, Sugar instance specification format allows you to enter the address information, including national, provincial / continents, cities and concrete streets and number information.

14. 'text' => 'multi-line text area', that TextArea HTML form (Multiline Text Input: multi-line text input area) label, <textarea> tag specifies included in the form of a multi-line text input area.

15. 'url' => 'URL', that URL Uniform Resource Locator (URL, English UniformResourceLocator abbreviation) is also known as the page address, the Internet address of the standard resources. It was originally developed by Tim Berners - Lee invented the World Wide Web address is used as. Now it has been prepared for the Internet World Wide Web Consortium standard RFC1738.

16. 'iframe' => 'iframe framework', that iframe iframe tag - Representative HTML inline frame, is an HTML element.IFRAME element that is a document in the document, or as a floating frame (FRAME). frames collection provides access to content on the IFRAME. frame have skeletons in their meaning and the addition of i constitute iframe element is the document in the document.

17. 'Image' => 'image', ie Image Image type field, Sugar instance is a specific field type. You can upload pictures during editing documents, a detailed view of the interface for the display image thumbnails and supports zooming preview.

18.'encrypt' => 'encryption', namely Encrypt -specific content can encrypt and decrypt display, such as public calendar logic.

19.'datetimecombo' => 'Date and Time', that Datetime date / time type field, achieved through the PHP DateTime class, this class in PHP supports a variety of display formats, Sugar instance usual format displayed as YMD HI (ie: Year - Month - Day blank placeholders - point), can be achieved through the development of the precise form YMD HIS display format. NOTE: YMD in the order is set according to the user's preferences for display, may be other forms of display order.

20. 'decimal' => 'high-precision floating-point (128)', that Decimal Decimal (128 bit high-precision floating-point type) belonging to Float Float category, there is no error-precision decimal types, stored data range are: -1038 ~ 1038-1 fixed precision and decimals. A Decimal type of data takes up 2 to 17 bytes. Has a fixed number of significant digits Decimal, Decimal data type Decimal variables are stored as 96 (12 byte) unsigned integer form, and divided by a power of 10 number. This variable ratio factor determines the number of digits to the right of the decimal point, which range from 0-28. Decimal type eliminates occur in a variety of floating point arithmetic rounding error, and can accurately represent 28 decimal places. Ratio factor is 0 (no decimal places) in the case, the maximum possible value is + / -79,228,162,514,264,337,593,543,950,335. 28 In the case of fractional bits, the maximum value is + / -7.9228162514264337593543950335, the smallest non-zero value is + / -0.0000000000000000000000000001. The 128 high-precision decimal notation is often used in financial calculations.

SugarCRM specific field data type:
21. 'parent' => 'flexibility association', that Flex Relate elastic correlation or dynamic association, which is made ​​according to the most appropriate Sugar instance of Chinese explanation. Distinguishes Relate (related) type of field uniquely associated characteristics, Flex Relate (elastic association) for the end user can choose the logic associated with the Sugar instances allowed any one module, and the module specific ID data.

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